Great Deposit Features for Online Slot Lovers

When playing online casino games such as free slots, we ultimately have the urge of playing for real money. The magic of playing from your very own laptop allows you to have all the comfort that you want, including just how much you want to deposit and how much you’re willing to spend per day and ever per month. There are many different deposit methods that may work for you but one of the very best ways to go ahead and put real money into your casino account is without a doubt Neteller. Chosen as the Best Payment System by iGaming online,  Neteller is the number one choice for players world wide as they keep improving their system non-stop.

One of their newest features that might interest online casino players is their Refer a Friend program. If a current Neteller account holder wants to helps a buddy get their own electronic wallet, then both the user and the friend will earn extra money. Whenever the referred buddy decided to start using their electronic Wallet, the current user gets a bonus of 20% of the first deposit, attached to a maximum deposit amount. In addition,  the friend will also get a bonus of 10% of his first deposit, up to a maximum amount as well. Account holder will find this new feature under the “Rewards” link from the left-hand menu, provide the e-mail addresses of up to five friends with a personalized message and then they must select “Send e-mail”. They will them receive their email invitations to create and fund their own very Neteller account.

Another great feature for online casino users is the free money transfers. Neteller has now dropped the fees for money transfer to 0%, from the standard rate of 1.9%, for all customers. This feature will work for both Neteller users who are sending money internationally or domestically which works perfect for those casino users who like to transfer to their accounts offshore.

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