Greek Residents Need to Pay Online Casino Taxes

Tax evasion in Greece has become a huge deal after the most recent events in the country If you like to play free slots and don’t use a real money account to play in your favorite online casino then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you do live in Greece and like to play slots, poker or gamble online in general, it is time that your go ahead and report that gambling income and pay the appropriate taxes. The Greek government has stated that there will be  targeting tax evaders, including those gamblers that haven’t paid taxes from online casino gaming.

According to recent studies, the Greek government losses an estimated of €15 billion in so-called missing taxes. In other words, that translates into tax money that they should receive but do not because of tax evasion. As part of the rules given to the Greek higher offices by the IMF, EU and Germany during the bailout, the country must reduce that number and bring in more of that missing tax money. In result, the government has created a new team that goes by the name of the Financial Police and Electronic Crimes Squad and which is in charge of evaluating and finding tax evasion residents, including those who like to gamble online.

The Financial team will have the ability to track bank accounts and stock market activity which means that there is a much better chance of noticing money made from overseas online gambling companies, such as online casinos. The leader of the team, Christos Papoutsis, has also stated that online gambling is a major target because they believe it costs the government €2 billion per year. “Greek banks are unwitting accomplices in this because all the transactions are done using credit cards,” he said.

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